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Judy Nathan
For better or worse, Judy Nathan is enduring another 15-minutes of fame. The former Judy Stish from Hazleton continues to make headlines as a close friend of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The story first broke during Mr. Giuliani's Senate campaign (which ended upon diagnosis of the mayor's prostate cancer). Word of the relationship caused quite a hullabaloo and reporters from all over the place swarmed into Hazleton. I heard the New York Post tried to swipe the 1972 Hazleton High School yearbook out of the public library!

Judy and Rudy, here's my suggestion: After the mayor's term is over, both of you move to the Coal Region! What better place to escape the paparazzi than an area where Paparazzi could be your next-door neighbor's last name? Oh, sure, coal crackers will refer to you as the "big shots from New York". But other than that, they'll leave da both a yiz alone. C'mon, who needs Manhattan? We've got Sheppton! Just imagine this exchange:

Rudy: Hey Judy, let's go upda hosie fer a couple two tree beers, heyna?
Judy: Oh Rudy, when you talk like dat I melt like scamutz on pitz!
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Judy Nathan

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